Housing & Lifestyle




28 Renovating the Home - Providing a Safe Living Environment


32 When the Promise You Make Becomes the Promise You Break Financial Facts


35 Income: Dilemma or Solution?


38 The $100,000 Social Security Filing Mistake




Aging Insight Texarkana vol.1 2013


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Legal Matters


6 Using Medicaid to Pay for Long-Term Care

11 Benefitting from VA Benefits


Senior Health

16 When it’s the Love of your Life...

18 Planning Ahead - Why It’s Important

24 Caring for a Loved one with Alzheimer’s

 Aging Insight® Directory

42 Assisted Living Services

43 Home Health Services

46 Hospice Services

47 Independent Living Services

48 Long-Term Care/Rehab Facilities

52 Sitter and/or Provider Services

Aging Insight Texarkana vol.1 2013
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